Sensual Body Touch and Healing

 Selectively Seeking YOUR PLACE  ..... 

I offer the total sensual touch session. That is feeling of my hands softly touching and mesmerizing every inch of your body. My goal is to have you leave feeling refreshed and revitalized with a big smile on you face. Hopefully you will remember where you park your car.

If your are exhausted and feeling drained and in need of total mental getaway a  Reiki healing experience may be for you. REIKI is used to relieve stress and promote deep states of relaxation that can aid the body's natural healing processes, relieve pain and promote well being.  Will also be combined with sensual session.

 I've have been told that I have healing hands, that I am  beautiful,  intelligent , compassionate, and very sensual woman. Because I am in my 40's many discerning men are seeking an experienced woman's touch.  I stand 5'7" tall and have long athletic legs. I have a kind face and genuine smile, immediately  you will feel at ease. I want you to feel like you have known me for ten years. 

 I am a master when it comes to delivering a sensual touch and total reiki relaxation. When you are in my hands and lying on my table,  I will turn you into putty.  I want you to melt into my table.  I want you to know this is all about you and you relaxing while I alleviate your stress and pamper you.  Please know that I am not an escort or nor do I offer F.S. Please know your role as a receiver. 

I prefer to see professional WHITE, intelligent gentlemen.  I insist on working only with someone who is a calm and sensible. Someone I can trust and someone who respects my privacy, like I will respect yours. I expect you to be a gentlemen at all times. I reserve the right to end a session without reimbursing for lost time if I am treated with disrespect or having to reinforce my boundaries.     

It's all about YOU so come receive some therapy.